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SoundCloud is keeping media buyers in mind and the music streaming service is working painstakingly to avoid running out of fame and customer patronage. Roughly in the past one year, a new build-up of funding, coupled with a change in leadership, prevented SoundCloud from bankruptcy. Under the leadership of two ex Vimeo executives, SoundCloud is offering something strong enough to tempt advertisers to consider adding the streaming company to their budget schedules.

Advertising on SoundCloud

According to SoundCloud’s CEO, Kerry Trainor, SoundCloud maintains a sphere distinct from that of any other streaming platform. Over its four-year existence on SoundCloud, advertising has taken a much more convenient dimension. In 2015, there were about 100 associates in its invite-only tier, known as “On SoundCloud”, a program which gives labels, podcasts and musicians the chance to take a cut of ad earnings. Currently, the program is known as “SoundCloud Premier”.

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SoundCloud offers a convenient avenue for media buyers to purchase ads. According to its sales team, the company maintains new treaties with Google’s Doubleclick and AppNexus, making it easy and authoritative for buyers to get those ads. Also through sponsorships, brands can establish direct working relationships with creators.

In reality, SoundCloud is a big player in the music streaming industry and that’s probably why it rivals much greater platforms in a bid to capture advertisers and earn patronage from them. Quite frankly, the rivalry between SoundCloud and its competitors is quite similar to the way Snapchat competes doggedly with Facebook which is obviously a bigger platform.

SoundCloud Artistes, Brands and Sponsorships

A significant number of DJs, singers, popular artists and night performers have attributed their success to SoundCloud and according to the company’s VP of content and community, Meghan West, Lorde and Chance the Rapper are the two mainstream artistes consistently aligned with the music streaming company. However still, Meghan West centered more attention on two rappers –namely Lil Uzi Vert and Post Malone –that are committed to SoundCloud and have dominated the charts in recent times.

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Meghan West further clarified that Lil Uzi Vert outclassed the likes of Drake, Kanye, and Chance to become the rapper with the largest followership on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud audience was amazed at the time G.L.A.M constantly urged them to listen to her newly released tracks on Spotify. However, at a later time, G.L.A.M came on the air, firmly stating that she had her beginnings on SoundCloud and still publishes her tracks on the platform.

In his words, Meghan West obviously encouraged SoundCloud’s traditional sponsorships and ad formats. Meanwhile, he clarified that artists on SoundCloud are really glad about the fact that they easily find brands that appreciate their music and are always ready to sponsor them. Also, audiences are glad that their favorite artistes connect easily with the brands that are ready to promote the latter’s music.